Which Designer Handbag Is Right for You?

Whether you are an avid collector or a first time buyer, it is important to purchase a designer handbag that is right for you so you can get the most out of your investment. Most of this will come down to your lifestyle and where you will wear your new piece. Remember, it should be as functional as it is strikingTo help you make an informed decision, you should ask yourself: 

  • Will this bag fit everything you need?
  • Is it comfortable to wear?
  • Is it suitable for your environment?
  • Can you store it somewhere safe?

If you need more of a hand, we've matched a range of lifestyles with the kind of designer handbag that is right for them. On the other hand, if you're after a comprehensive guide on how to choose which brand to go with to begin with, we've written a post on that too.

Working 9-5

NEO87100's Alice Collection is perfect for the office worker, who might have to commute to their job all year round. It is durable and practical, without being oversized, and is offered in eight striking colour combinations that are made to add a splash of colour, luxury and style to any outfit. This is a must-have versatile classic with a characterful NEO finish. 


The best part? The detachable leather crossbody strap means you can commute hands-free and keep your bag safe at the same time. Even on those longer commutes, the strap remains comfortable as it prevents shoulder slips and general discomfort. 

Although it is the smaller relative of the Benedetta, the two interior pockets (one zipped) should be more than enough to store your essentials. That being said, if you have to take a large laptop or other larger items into the office, you'll be after an all-rounder (more on that below). 

Strictly Evenings

If you're after a designer handbag to take to your favourite bar or on a night out, The Jessica Clutch is the perfect fit. It is minimalist and low maintenance, while remaining chic and stylish. There is also plenty of room for your essentials; your bank card, identification, keys and lipstick will fit with ease. 

Much like the Alice, the optional chain on this sophisticated envelope clutch allows you to talk and drink hands-free without worrying about where your clutch is (it's attached to you)!  

The All-Rounders 

Somewhere in between the office and the bar? The NERO Collection is perfect for all occasions - in particular if you move from the gym to a coffee shop to the office to a bar within the space of a few hours. 

1. The Angelica Tote

The Angelica is a signature leather structured tote bag with a luxurious red lambskin lining that has undeniable contemporary appeal. This is the largest of our handbags, and should fit everything you need regardless if it's a day at the beach or the office. 

Like The Alice and The Jessica, the adjustable and optional leather strap makes carrying this tote a breeze - even when you've packed it to the brim. 

2. The Sofia Backpack

The Sofia is a timeless yet stylish leather backpack with unrivalled modern appeal. 

With a backpack, it carries a lot but the weight is more evenly distributed so it's one of the more convenient and comfortable accessories to own, making it the perfect choice for a wealth of occasions. 

3. The Benedetta

After a slightly roomier Alice? The Benedetta has you covered. It has a top handle structured shape, alongside our signature NEO flap, and a detachable crossbody strap. This is as versatile as leather accessories come. 


If you're partial to a handbag that will take you on holiday all year round, the Riviera collection and its warm colours is for you. Even if you are after something more muted, the Cuoio + Sand model makes a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. 


With its warm colours and the comfortable strap it will be a chic addition to every outfit.

NEO87100 is a luxury women’s bag brand that combines a feisty British attitude with Italy’s leathercrafting expertise. It is the brainchild of London-based Ilaria Barca, who turned to her uncle’s leather goods factory to make her dream of creating a modern and alluring handbag collection come true. Browse our collection.