How to Choose a Designer Handbag

Designer handbags are a luxury investment. Whether you are an avid collector or a first time buyer, choosing a designer handbag is an important moment - and your purchase should live up to expectations. 

It can be a daunting decision as there are so many colours (from navy to a bold raspberry), designs and trends to keep up with. That being said, it doesn't have to be a difficult decision if you ask yourself these five questions throughout the process:

  • Do you identify with the brand?
  • Is it practical? 
  • Will it compliment your style over time? 
  • Will it last?  
  • Does it match your budget? 

1. Do You Identify With the Brand & Style?

You should choose a brand and style that you identify with. Whether this is the materials used; how the bag is made; where it is made; what inspired its creation; or the brand's values, only you can know the answer to this question. 

At NEO87100, we pride ourselves on our appreciation of traditional crafts and desire to create enduring and quality designs. Our ethos is all about supporting people and sustaining the planet (we use calf leather, a by-product of meat product, and minimise plastic wherever we can). This is, more often than not, important for our customers. 

With all this in mind, see your handbag as a passion investment  - you need to love it and want to look after it for a long time. It should mean something when you make that purchase, and you need to know that you won't regret it.

2. Is it Practical? 

It is best to choose a handbag that matches your style and is suitable for your lifestyle. Will this bag fit everything you need? Does it match your proportions? Is it comfortable? it should be as functional as it is striking.

If you work in an office, for example, you'll be better off with a designer tote or a capacious handbag, instead of a luxury clutch

Grey italian leather bag
Our Alice Collection is practical, without being oversized, and is offered in eight striking colour combinations that are made to add a splash of colour, luxury and style to any outfit.

3. Will it Compliment Your Style Over Time? 

Everyone has an opinion, but trust your own! Ask yourself whether you can see yourself using the bag in years to come. After all, fashion should be an investment in your own long-term happiness and confidence. 

It is often best to avoid one-season-only bags for this reason. Instead, we recommend a handbag that can be used all year round, at all sorts of occasions; it should have as much long-lasting appeal, as it does luxury. 

Our Nero collection adds a hint of sophistication to all occasions and is available in four practical and popular styles: The Sofia Backpack, The Angelica ToteThe Jessica Clutch and The Benedetta - a classic handbag.

4. Will it Last?

How durable and strong is the bag? Is it made from high-quality materials?

Is it easy to take care of? Do you have the time to take care of it? 

Keep in mind that a high-quality designer handbag should be a long-term  investment that lasts. 

5. Does it Match Your Budget?

As with everything, the higher the price, the better quality the bag. That being said, the most important question is whether you can afford it. Although this is perhaps the least fun step, it is crucial that you define what you can spend and if you need to save to afford it. 

If you plan to sell the bag in the future: will it hold its value? If there are no plans to sell: being in love with your handbag is more important than resale value.The Sofia Backpack from The Nero Collection: a timeless yet modern black leather backpack with unrivalled appeal. 


NEO87100 is a luxury women’s bag brand that combines a feisty British attitude with Italy’s leathercrafting expertise. It is the brainchild of London-based Ilaria Barca, who turned to her uncle’s leather goods factory to make her dream of creating a modern and alluring handbag collection come true. Browse our collection.